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College of Magic - The Only Magical Arts Training Organisation of its kind in the world

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Discover the incredible world of magic & illusion at the world's only magical arts training organisation with courses for students of all ages ...

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  • The College of Magic is the only specialist training organisation which offers a diploma programme in the magical arts for adults and school students alike. With
    over 170 young people experiencing the life changing benefits of magic, we are the only organisation of its kind
    in the world!

  • Learn more about the College of Magic's Magical Arts Centre - magic's home in the Southern Hemisphere !

  • Read about how you can make a difference by
    Sponsoring a Student as part of our social upliftment project

Our latest initiative sees school pupils experience the wonder of science through magic !
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Our outreach project allows students from all
social backgrounds to experience the life-changing benefits of magic.
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